Create button script won't work - why?

Bantymom bantymom at
Mon Nov 15 02:25:41 EST 2010

I had similar problems with copy and paste, and discovered there really
seemed no way to do it without being on the card. I could copy from another
card, but I had to be on the card I wanted to paste to.

So I use lock screen to go there in secret.

Now, I'm a very unsophisticated and simple person, and it is quite likely I
don't understand why you don't want to go to the actual card, unless you
have an "on openCard" handler you don't want to run right at that moment.
But unless that is the case, this seems to work (again, I realize that I
have probably oversimplified the situation and this might not be of any use
to you at all):

on mouseUp
   lock screen
   go to card "Two"
   create button "Herb"
   go to card "One"
   unlock screen
end mouseUp

It is still five lines instead of one though, I'm afraid. I made a little
stack but I don't think I can upload it here. It worked though.

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