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Fri Dec 31 17:19:13 EST 2010

Peter Haworth wrote:

> Thanks Richard.  I just submitted a note to the resizeControl
> dictionary entry.

Thanks for adding that.

> However, I didn't know until I read your email that
> the resizeControl message is sent even when the resize happens by
> script - that's the opposite of what the dictionary says.  I don't
> mind submitting another dictionary note for that but want to check
> that it only applies to group resizing not resizing of any controls?

AFAIK that's the case.  That was added to allow groups to be 
self-contained when used to implement custom controls.

Imagine what a mess the DataGrid would be if you used in a stack in 
which your resizeStack handler changes the DG's rect.

By allowing a group to be able to handle a resize no matter how that 
resize happens, it can take care of its contents automatically.

Another enhancement added during the same period is that groups now have 
their own selectGroupedControls property.  It defaults to true to allow 
the global property of the same name to govern whether you can interact 
with the group's contents with the pointer too.  But when set to false 
the group's contents don't respond to the pointer tool at all, allowing 
it to behave more like a native control.

These enhancements, coupled with behaviors to drive them from a single 
script, open up all sorts of opportunities for crafting reusable custom 

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