Missing plug-in. Again

DunbarX at aol.com DunbarX at aol.com
Thu Dec 30 17:25:24 EST 2010

Jacques. I knew it would be you. 

And this all sounds familiar. And last time it all worked. Richard Gaskin 
was helpful as well.

But this time no. I created a folder called "User PlugIns Folder" and 
placed it in the "4.5.0-dp-2" folder, which was created by the installer. The 
plugin stack is located inside that folder.

Setting the file path (from the "Files and Memory" pane) to any level in 
and around that folder, from the folder itself all the way to the desktop 
almost, does nothing. I moved the folder to the Documents folder. Nothing.

The plugin stack itself merely starts using a library stack. I want to be 
able to get this going even when I start a new session by opening any old 
stack. Ordinary stuff.

My installer did not create a folder "Documents/LiveCode/Plugins", if that 
matters. I can certain navigate, via that preferences dialog, to the folder 
in question. Or anywhere around it.

Sound like my message box bugaboo.


In a message dated 12/30/10 1:41:26 PM, jacque at hyperactivesw.com writes:

> Plugins shouldn't go into the plugins folder inside the LC bundle, but
> rather into a user Plugins folder. By default that's located in
> Documents/LiveCode/Plugins, but you can set it to any folder by changing
> the path in the Files pane of Preferences. When setting the folder,
> don't point the path to Plugins, point it to the enclosing folder
> (Documents/LiveCode/).
> The path you set 4.5.2 should have been recognized by 4.5, since they
> both share the same prefs file. But try opening preferences and setting
> the path to the one that holds your Plugins folder and then restart 4.5.
> --

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