Missing plug-in. Again

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Dec 30 13:39:03 EST 2010

On 12/30/10 10:26 AM, DunbarX at aol.com wrote:
> This happened to me once before, and I cannot remember how it was fixed.
> In reverting to 4.5.0 from 4.5.2 I have lost a plug-in I wrote. It runs a
> few simple startup scripts.
> I placed it in the plugins folder of the 4.5.0 folder, but it will not
> appear in the "Development/plugins" menu in the IDE. In fact, if I relocate one
> of the other existing plugins (RegExBuilder) and then restart LC, that
> plugin still appears in the menu, even though it is missing from the folder.
> So a plugin that is out of the folder appears in the menu, and one that is
> in the folder does not.
> I am mismanaging something, and misunderstanding much more.

Plugins shouldn't go into the plugins folder inside the LC bundle, but 
rather into a user Plugins folder. By default that's located in 
Documents/LiveCode/Plugins, but you can set it to any folder by changing 
the path in the Files pane of Preferences. When setting the folder, 
don't point the path to Plugins, point it to the enclosing folder 

The path you set 4.5.2 should have been recognized by 4.5, since they 
both share the same prefs file. But try opening preferences and setting 
the path to the one that holds your Plugins folder and then restart 4.5.

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