Video player messages

John Dixon dixonja at
Wed Dec 29 10:20:45 EST 2010

Have a look at 'currentTime' & 'currentTimeChanged' in the dictionary

> Hi,
> Simple task but I can't figure out how to get the info I need. I want
> to hilite lines of text based on the time elapsed of a movie in a
> player. For example, when the video is at 2000, line 3 of the text is
> selected. I can handle text but I'm new to video.
> My problem is lack of familiarity with the player - I see messages
> sent to the player but can't figure out how to find out the elapsed
> time of the movie. I have tried various approaches with callbacks and
> other messages but can't find the right combination. So how do I get
> the elapsed time of the movie in a player as it is playing?
> Thanks
> Ron


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