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Martin Koob mkoob at
Mon Dec 27 09:15:50 EST 2010

I found a page that explains how Automator actually joins PDFs and it
explains how to use the same method.

It used a python command.
#! /usr/bin/python
# join
#   Joing pages from a a collection of PDF files into a single PDF file.
#   join [--output <file>] [--append] [--shuffle] [--preview] [--verbose]"
#   Parameter:
#   --shuffle
#	Take a page from each PDF input file in turn before taking another from
each file.
#	If this option is not specified then all of the pages from a PDF file are
#	to the output PDF file before the next input PDF file is processed.
#   --verbose
#   Write information about the doings of this tool to stderr.

The author used the following as a prototype for the command.

python '/System/Library/Automator/Combine PDF
Pages.action/Contents/Resources/' -o '/path/to/output.pdf'
'/path/to/input1.pdf' '/path/to/input2.pdf'

I tried this out by putting 2 PDFs (pg1.pdf & pg2.pdf in a directory) then
in terminal changed directory to that directory. And did the following
command in the terminal.

Martin-Koobs-MacBook-Pro:PDF joins MartinLdrive$ python
'/System/Library/Automator/Combine PDF
Pages.action/Contents/Resources/' -o 'combined.pdf' 'pg1.pdf'

This successfully created a PDF combined.pdf in the working directory but
generated an error as you can see from the terminal output below.

Mon Dec 27 08:34:54 Martin-Koobs-MacBook-Pro.local Python[310] <Error>: The
function `CGPDFDocumentGetMediaBox' is obsolete and will be removed in an
upcoming update. Unfortunately, this application, or a library it uses, is
using this obsolete function, and is thereby contributing to an overall
degradation of system performance. Please use `CGPDFPageGetBoxRect' instead.
Martin-Koobs-MacBook-Pro:PDF joins MartinLdrive$ 

This was done in Mac OS X 10.5.8   I don't know if they changed the python
command in 10.6 so if they did this may not work.

Any way I think you could use that as a shell command in LiveCode.  I
haven't tried it though.  You would have to construct the command using
variables to insert your file paths then do it as a shell command.
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