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I really like the way you describe things and follow you on this at 100%. About the second part of your post, i would like to precise that, because its semantic consistent syntax, LC let always us reduce the complexity of our code to its best level (best readability, best execution speed, less errors). I always mind about LC as the best Turing's machine ever after the original one and it's not a joke. The chink in the armor is obviously the sole fact that if the ideas are not clear, the developer will soon be blocked on the spot if (s)he use C, C + +, PHP, Java, etc... while LC will let (s)he turnaround the pot longer before (s)he finish to see clearly (or not) in its own ideas. 

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Le 27 déc. 2010 à 09:06, Geoff Canyon Rev a écrit :

> On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 12:41 AM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Well; good, effective programming is rarely either EASY or FUN; and more
>> often
>> than not involves a lot of prolonged effort, thought, and hard work.
> Programming is like playing tennis. I'm sure there are professional tennis
> players who don't enjoy playing the game. They've either grown tired of it,
> or they simply discovered they had the knack, or fell into it somehow and
> now they're stuck. But in general, good players like the game, or even love
> it. It's just so much easier to be good at something you enjoy doing, and it
> is absolutely possible to find programming fun, even when it's hard.
> To tell would-be end-users that they can create wonderful things without a
>> fairly serious
>> investment of time and effort is simply disingenuous.
> I disagree. Granted I have more than a few years invested, but most of the
> things I've created over the years have been quick and simple. LC's
> advantage over other languages/environments starts near infinity, and drops
> to zero or even negative as the size of the project grows. At the one
> extreme is the fact that I can create a workable program and compile it for
> several platforms in five minutes or less. In the middle, I have many times
> prototyped something in less than an hour or two that dropped jaws. At the
> other extreme there are the times I would kill or die for real handler-level
> integrated source control. Or macros -- what I'd give for macros.
> gc
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