Problem with launch on OSX 10.5

Terry Judd tsj at
Thu Dec 23 23:19:10 EST 2010

Thanks Warren - I'll give the shell command a try.


On 24/12/10 2:59 PM, "Warren Samples" <warren at> wrote:

> On Fri, 2010-12-24 at 14:40 +1100, Terry Judd wrote: 
> I have a big problem
> with the launch command on OSX 10.5. I have a bunch of
> old Director
> executables that I©öm trying to launch from LiveCode that refuse
> to launch
> using the launch command while I©öm running 10.5 but work fine
> under 10.6.
> Interestingly I can©öt get them to Œactivate©ö via applescript
> either when
> running 10.5 (is this what launch uses?). They all run perfectly
> when
> double-clicked in the Finder.
> Anyone got any ideas on how I might work
> around this?

Might "shell(open -a <your executable>)" work? You could also
> look into
"launch" for OS X here:

> luck!


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