How to make a stack transparent but the fields and images on it a different blend level

william humphrey bill at
Thu Dec 23 21:43:10 EST 2010

We can do something like the following to get around the limitation of
making an entire stack transparent (in order to have the fields and images
on the stack be darker than the transparent "stack" image behind).*



on doRectCapture

*get* the rect of this stack

   *hide* this stack

   *repeat* with x = the number of images in stack "Splash" down to 1

      *if* the short name of img x is "temp" *then* *delete* img x

   *end* *repeat*

   *hide* img "logo" of card id 1002 of stack "Splash"

   *hide* fld 1 of card id 1002 of stack "Splash"

   *hide* fld 2 of card id 1002 of stack "Splash"

   *import* snapshot from rect it

   *set* the name of last img of this stack to "temp"

   *set* the layer of img "temp" to 2

   *set* the blendlevel of image "temp" to 50

   *set* the decorations of this stack to empty

   *show* this stack

   *send* "revealLogo" to stack "Splash"

*end* doRectCapture

But the problem with this is that you can't move this stack around without
immediately revealing that the transparent rect image is static. Is there
some way (without keep getting a new rect to put in the background as that
is too "jerky") to make a stack and it's background transparent but the
groups or fields on it not transparent?

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