Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Dec 23 16:15:00 EST 2010

Most of you probably know this already; but goofy Richmond
didn't until just now, and he feels it is worth repeating:

Submitted the latest version of my Devawriter Pro to

and got this back from the macUpdate people:

"I noticed that you submitted Devawriter Pro and that the version 
strings are showing rather than the version number you've 
designated (1.0.0.RC3).

Would you mind updating the version strings so that our listing can 
match the information that appears in Finder? . . .

  . . . It's really easy to fix the conflict between the version # of 
the runtime and the version # of your app. Just edit the file in 
/Contents/Info.plist file so that the CFBundleVersion value is changed 
from whatever it is ( right now) to the version # for the 
Devawriter Pro."

Love, Richmond.

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