Dispatch and send

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Dec 22 12:56:37 EST 2010

David Bovill wrote:

> Anyone got a reason for this being Appropriate behavior?
> dispatch "beep" to this cd -- no beep
>> send "beep" to this cd -- a beep

Interestingly, running this in the Message Box:

   dispatch "beep" to this cd; put it

...yields "unhandled"

You get the same with any build-in command, e.g.:

   dispatch "go next" to this cd; put it

Whether this is a weakness in the engine or the documentation is a 
question of intention:

Is "dispatch" designed to handle only custom handlers? It appears to be, 
and if that's what's intended it's working fine and all that's needed is 
a note in the docs clarifying that.

But if the intention was that it could be used for built-in commands too 
then there appears to be a bug in the engine.

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