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Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Dec 22 12:34:45 EST 2010

That's along the lines of what I have in mind.  I've started to play  
around with some code to do this but I'm already finding lots of  
gotchas that I hadn't thought about, plus I still haven't figured out  
how to deal with font sizes.

I'm definitely not a GUI expert but I'm thinking of providing 3 or 4  
designs of the the cards that are affected by this problem to match  
the more common screen resolutions and displaying the appropriate one  
to the user.  I'm pretty sure I could layout the cards for different  
resolutions a lot more quickly and a lot more aesthetically than  
relying on a script to do it.  I would allow the user to resize the  
window but I would not scale or re-position the controls within it.  I  
see lots of web sites that adopt that approach these days.

I am definitely not a GUI expert and would like to learn more about  
it.  Anyone got an recommendations on reading matter on this subject?

Pete Haworth

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On Dec 21, 2010, at 5:27 PM, Robert Brenstein wrote:

> On 21.12.2010 at 15:34 Uhr -0800 Peter Haworth apparently wrote:
>> I am now thinking that I may be able to make use of my own custom  
>> properties along with some common code to implement all this.  
>> Without that, it sounds like thousands of lines of code.  
>> Alternatively, I'm naively hoping that I might be able to write  
>> some code that will simply adjust the size of controls and the  
>> distance between them based on the ratio between the old and new  
>> screen sizes.  For example, if the user reduces the screen size by  
>> 10% horizontally, it seems like I should be able to reduce the  
>> width of all the controls and the horizontal distance between them  
>> by 10% and everything should fit.
>> I'm sure I;d need a way to deal with exceptions (cprops?).  Is that  
>> too simplistic?
> If there are any patterns, you can, of course, write functions to  
> handle specific tasks or combinations of tasks for you. For example,  
> I often have a series of buttons, a varying number of them, along  
> the bottom edge of a window. They should be at a certain distance  
> from the bottom and with certain offset to the right edge of the  
> window and a fixed space between them. I have a function which gets  
> long ids of those buttons, from rightmost to leftmost, and positions  
> them automagically as user resizes a card. Same function is called  
> on any card that has 1 or more such buttons.
> Robert
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