iOS Orientation Problem

Randy Hengst iowahengst at
Sat Dec 18 13:38:04 EST 2010

Hi All,

I continue to have an issue with getting iOS to lock the orientation.... whether it's landscape or portrait. I've contacted support and they are following up, but I thought I'd see if anyone has time to try and duplicate my problem. If so, I'll send details off list, but briefly.....

I'm using the newest LC 4.5.3 on a Mac with 10.6.5. I also saw the problem with 4.5.2

I've been able to demonstrate this issue with three different apps on two iPods (iOS 4.1 iPod), one iPhone ( iOS 4.0.2) and one iPad ( iOS 3.2.2). 

I've completed the three steps outlined in the docs to lock orientation.....
If you wish to lock your applications to a specific orientation (or set of orientations) on startup, then you must:
  •  set the initial orientation setting in the standalone builder appropriately
  •  configure the supported orientations setting in the standalone builder appropriately
  •  use the iphoneSetAllowedOrientations command in a startup handler to configure what orientations are allowed at runtime

For each step I designated only portrait...

Then, transfer the app to your iPod... 
If you open the app while holding the iPod in portrait orientation, all is well. It opens in portrait and stays there when you rotate the iPod... just like it should.

But, when you open the app while holding your iPod in any orientation except portrait, the app will open in portrait and immediately rotate to the orientation that matches the iPod.
Now, if you rotate the iPod to an orientation other than portrait, nothing will happen... when you rotate the app to portrait, it will then lock in...

I have more detail... screen shots of my settings, a demo app I made based on the orientation demo included with LiveCode, and a video to show what I mean... but I'll send those off list when you have time to take a look.

take care,
randy hengst

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