OT: Real competition for revlets

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Thu Dec 16 07:13:10 EST 2010


This thing by REAL Software begs one questions: "How it handles concurrent
requests". FastCGI can multiplex requests, so there is a real chance your
software will be answering to more than one guy at the same time. How does
it handle that? I used to be a REAL Basic developer long time ago. I
remember having something akin to an external to have access to threading
functionality. I believe these days they have something like this built in.

So how does it works for them? Does it maintain application state for each
of the clients in memory or does it simply converts everything to
HTML/JS/CSS and allows all the state to be managed on the client side?

Many many many years ago, I demoed at a conference a little LiveCode FastCGI
implementation. I haven't developed it further because of our single thread
problem. No matter how fast your non-blocking code is, on the web you will
sooner or later face concurrency and with a single thread and no way to
recover in case it somehow blocks, it is quite hard to build servers such as
this one REAL software did.

I see many enhancement requests here for all kinds of little iOS or Desktop
stuff, mostly related to GUI or controls... what I need is the ability to
fork(), all I want is to receive little connections and delegate them to
different threads or process, so that it is in isolation and safe and the
server stays responsive. This also benefits Desktop and iOS but then, I know
how hard it is to build such feature and I know it is not coming to life
anytime soon...

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