Various newbie doubts about LiveCode

RunRevPlanet runrevplanet at
Mon Dec 13 22:11:29 EST 2010

Hi Giuseppe,

While it is not a database application, the Mac OS X version of the 
software at this site:

is 100% LiveCode and was developed with a fraction of the code required 
for the Windows version (that was developed in Delphi).

It is not be the same type of SQL business application you are thinking 
of, but it is an example of "shrink wrap" style software built with 
LiveCode, in contrast to in-house internal systems.

As a desktop application what it does is not trivial, and I consider it 
as an example that LiveCode is a flexible and powerful system that is 
very productive to work in.

Scott McDonald

"Components, Stacks, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"

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