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Mon Dec 13 13:35:23 EST 2010

There is a third party plugin for charts that someone wrote. Quartum Reports I believe it is. Datagrids are pretty easy to work with, especially if simply displaying and trapping for lines clicked. zryip wrote DataGrid Helper to make that process a great deal less cumbersome even still. For forms, Scott Rossi makes a cool little plugin called tmAlign that is a much better alignment tool then what comes with LC. 

If you are making a simple app that accesses a database, reads data and presents it to the user, allows edits, and then gathers the data and writes it back to the database, LiveCode is ideal, especially if you already know how to work with SQL databases and are good at creating forms. Even so, Trevor Devore has a 3rd party plugin to dramatically simplify working with SQL databases. 

You may see a pattern developing here (pardon the pun). Where there is a problem, someone on this list probably has already developed a solution, or will if you ask nicely, and either makes it free to other developers, or else charges a modest sum. This list itself is well over half the worth of developing with LiveCode. They are the most helpful bunch of people (and talented people too I might add) I have ever had the pleasure of working around. 

On Dec 13, 2010, at 2:45 AM, Giuseppe Luigi Punzi wrote:

> Hi all,
> I asked some question in forums, but before buying Destop ISV package, I would 
> like to get a little more generic information.
> I will start a personal project for a customer, and I'm searching a new 
> IDE/languaje to develop it. I like how to develop in LiveCode, but I have a 
> little fear because is something totally unknow to me (I don't know it's 
> limits, and advantages over other enviroments). I'm between LiveCode and 
> RealStudio.
> The project, is a Bills/quotes management.
> Because "all" commercial projects I see developed in LiveCode, are "little" 
> projects (no offence, I don't know how to express it in english correctly), I 
> would like to know, if LiveCode is suitable for my type of project.
> My project will work with PostgreSQL, and is not suppose to need something 
> especial, but working doing bills, quotes, serving orders, and so on, working 
> with a lot of grids. Some reports to show data, some chart, and nothing more. 
> A normal Bills/quote management (in Spanish is "Software de gestión", I don't 
> know how is the name in english). I know reports an charts are external 
> packages. Probably, I will do it with other ways, HTML or some other way, an 
> once finiched the project, check for this externals to see If I need it.
> I ask, because at the moment, I can't invest 500€ only to research in 
> LiveCode, and see if is worth to my needs. If I buy it, is for use it.
> Some success history or some information could be enough to get a final 
> decision.
> Thanks a lot for your time to help me. And thanks a lot to Mark 
> (@xtalkprogrammer) because I bother him a lot in Twitter ;)
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> --
> Giuseppe Luigi
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