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Thanks for responding, Scott. I will check the stack again.  It's about as
simple as I can make it. If files weren't created, then obviously nothing
else will happen.

For the demonstration to work  a group of files must be created with the
names that are in the left hand column. These files are renamed to the names
on the left. Outside of the adding of the full paths to the names, it comes
down to

rename file a to b

and used in a loop, the renamed files don't have suffixes.

The effect can only be seen when changing multiple names in a folder. The by
repeatedly changing the names back and forth by pressing the rename button,
you see the suffixes disappear.
After a 'successful' (no error indicated) rename from the result,  the a
list is put into the b list and it can 'undo' the name change.   If that
gets out of sync, then one has to delete the files and start over.

 Maybe I have to make a video. I've been banging on this problem for days
now. I really think it's a bug.

I will take another look at the demo.

On 11 December 2010 23:40, Scott Rossi <scott at> wrote:

> Recently, stephen barncard wrote:
> > So no one here has used *rename* lately?
> I have a renaming stack that I made ages ago for bulk renaming files.  It
> still seems to work as expected.
> When I try your stack and follow your instructions, pressing the blue
> button
> adds a "not found" label to each item in the outputText field and nothing
> happens in the finder.  Not sure where the issue is in your existing stack,
> but can you try a simpler version that does a basic rename just to verify
> the problem?
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