A Datagrid question

william humphrey bill at bluewatermaritime.com
Fri Dec 10 18:31:09 EST 2010

If you have a stack with a datagrid and you do this:

 set the dgFocus of group "mydatagrid" of stack "not_modal" to true

Then you can:

   *set* the dgHilitedLines of *group* "mydatagrid" of stack "not_modal" to

and it will be blue and you can then immediately hit a down arrow key and it
will go to the next line.

But if you open that same stack as a drawer the above commands behave very
differently. When you set the dgfocus it will flash selected for a second
but then go back to having the toplevel stack selected.

How do you get the datagrid to behave like it does in a regular stack when
it is in a drawer stack?


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