Using arrayencode for revmobile web services

David Bovill david at
Wed Dec 8 11:49:52 EST 2010

I want to send complex data to a revmobile client. XML is out because that's
not part of the revmobile client yet I believe (or at least i am assuming
this has not been brought into the engine). I could use JSON, but as I'v not
really stress tested teh existing community libraries, I'm thinking the way
to do it is:

   1. create to create an iRev script that fetches the xml,
   2. turn it into an array,
   3. arrayencode this
   4. urlencode that
   5. send to revmobile client
   6. urldecode and arraydecode in revMobile
   7. have nice arrays to work with

It's backwards but i hope you know what I mean. has anyone used arrayencode
to send stuff over the wire, or know any reason why this should not work?
Testing now.... but in the process of installing revServer so knwoing that
this won;t work would, well, change my priorities here?

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