(DataGrid) data grids behaving like a background with sharedText

André Bisseret andre.bisseret at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 3 12:10:28 EST 2010

Le 3 déc. 2010 à 17:34, Trevor DeVore a écrit :

> On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 5:35 AM, André Bisseret <andre.bisseret at wanadoo.fr>wrote:
>> But MY PROBLEM is that this dataGrid behaves like something as "sharedText"
>> was set to true!!
>> As soon as I populated the dataGrid of a card, all data grids on all cards
>> get the same dgText :-((
>> If I try to delete the dataGrid on a card I get the message:
>> This group is placed on multiple cards, really delete it?
> A data grid is a group and if you share that group across multiple cards
> then when you update the data grid on one card it will update for all cards.
> If you want different data in the data grid on each card then don't place
> the data grid on other cards but rather create new data grids.

Thanks Trevor for your reply.
Indeed I want different data grid on each card.
The trouble I have is with "create card".
On my preceding stacks, when I do "create card" I get, as expected, the background group of fields and buttons but I don't get the data grid.
In other word the data grid does not behave like a background so that I can add a new one (copying the data grid of a current card on the new one makes the trick: I get a data grid with a new ID number, and I can populate it differently than the others.

But on the stack I am building now, when I "create card", the data grid of the current card appears on the new card, and it has the same ID number as the preceding card. I can't delete it without deleting those of the other cards. So that I can't creata a new data grid!

In other words, in this stack the data grid behaves like a background group (which was not the case in my preceding stacks)

I am really stuck with that as I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Is something badly set ?


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