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Hi Walt, I think the list strips attachments. Could you send to me offlist?

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- Mark

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I have had to use "Select after char -1 of fld X". I was actually using it
to place the cursor at various character positions in a field in a
rawKeyDown handler - I was using predictive lookup in rawKeyDown as a field
validation technique, playing around after David, Mark, and BvG's EXCELLENT
LiveCode V session yesterday.

An example is in the last field of my attached test stack.


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Josh Mellicker wrote:
> Are you using "select after fld X"?

Hi Josh, thanks so much. No, I was using "focus on field x". The dictionary
says that if the field is unlocked text then the insertion point is placed
after the text in the field. I think I'll suggest that line be removed since
it clearly (in a number of tests) places it at the beginning.

However, your suggestion works perfectly, thanks!

-- Mark

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