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> Interesting if useless discovery - LC accepts real numbers as Point  
> values,
> ie "22.5,31.7", not just integers. I haven't discovered if it rounds  
> or
> truncates them in use though.
> Walt


A caution.

LC accepts real numbers as the Loc of objects but integers only as the  
points of line graphics.

If you say:

    set the points of grc 1 to 100,100 & cr & 200,200.5

the graphic disappears. Worse yet, you get no error message. This  
becomes a problem when your points are calculated and the calculation  
yields a fraction somewhere without you realizing it.

However if you say:

    set the loc of grc 1 to 150,150.7

there is no problem. The 150.7 is truncated to 150.

I have asked RunRev (many years ago) to change this anomalous behavior  
but without success.


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