On-Rev Web Form Dropping Data

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Hi Bob,

Wow.  That was fast.  Gotta love this list.  Many thanks for your thoughts.  I've inserted a few comments below.


On Wed, Dec 1, 2010, at 6:32 PM, Bob Sneidar wrote:

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> I'm curious if you accounted for the fact that two people can be connecting from the same IP address, or that one student can be connected twice (odd though that may be, but think about someone connecting via ethernet, then mid session switching to wireless). 

The two students do appear to have connected from the same IP.  In the current version of my sign-in scripts, I do not block any one student from connecting twice.

> By their ID do you mean a unique ID generated when they connect, or a student ID that is the same each time they connect? If the latter, then I can begin to envision circumstances where things could go wiggy. There is not mechanism to prevent a student from logging on twice from different computers, is there? That should probably be addressed. First rule of programming: If there is a way for an end user to screw things up, they will find it, no matter how remote. 

It is a unique student ID.  That's right, I do not prevent multiple sign-ins at present.  Maybe I should.

> Also, the ID assigned upon successful validation should be a unique incrementing ID that represents the session, not the student, but tied to the student ID. 

Yes, that I have done.  Part of my validating ID is the long seconds, which when combined with other information, guarantees uniqueness.

> These are just some thoughts and I could be way off the mark here, so pardon me in advance. 
> Bob

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