Where does all the stuff go?

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Wed Dec 1 18:07:53 EST 2010

Hi all. Since my LiveCode crashes each time upon exit, I figured I would try cleaning things up a bit. The old Revolution scheme had an app folder named something like Revolution Studio, inside of which it had a folder named after the version which contained the actual executable, Documentation, Externals, Plugins etc. In contrast, Livecode only has the application. 

Now I am aware that there is a My LiveCode folder in my documents for my profile, but of course that would not be available to other user accounts, which would negate the use of any of the add-ons I have purchased by anyone but me. What I think may be causing the instability are some old plugins or addons that are not strictly compatible with LiveCode. It is my understanding that LiveCode will try to use these old folders from the Revolution install, so things get a bit messy now trying to determine what is loading and what is not. 

So my question is this: Where do I locate ALL my files and ALL my plugins and ALL my 3rd party stuff so that there is ONLY ONE PLACE it is stored, and EVERYONE can use it? I think if I can get that all cleaned up, I will resolve my LiveCode instability problem. 


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