syntax options for reading array properties

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Sep 26 15:53:42 EDT 2009

Because of the unusual overhead the engine experiences in extracting 
arrays from custom properties, I'd like to find the fastest way I can to 
access such data.

Syntactically this works:

   put the customProperties["uStoredArray"] of stack tFile into tA
   put tA[100][4] after r1

...but benchmarks about 25% slower than:

   put the uStoredArray[100] of stack tFile into tmp
   put tmp[4] after r1

The faster speed is presumably because the engine has less overhead 
extracting only the sub-array.  While it performs better it complicates 
the code, requiring that I break up each access into at least two steps.

Presumably this would be faster still, and the simplest to write:

   put the tA[100][4] of stack tFile after r1

...but apparently that's not allowed.

Is there any trick to using customProperties[<arrayNotation> to access 
nested array elements in an object?

If not, anyone here know if RunRev plans to support such syntax in the 

If there's an RQCC request for this please post the URL so I can add 
some votes to it.  If not I'll submit one.


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