Full screen?

Arthur Rann arthur.rann at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 01:46:06 EDT 2009

So let me get this straight because I need to take this back with me to the
dev team. You're saying that there's no built in way to actually go full
screen, like most games do? I admit I don't know much about programming, but
I decided on Rev for a game engine, and this is a pretty big deal. Without a
full screen mode, this is going to look like crap. I mean no game out there
now has just windows floating on a backdrop. And I mean no offense at the
backdrop, Richmond. While I was able to make the window disappear by
clicking on the backdrop, it would at least reappear with yours. RunRev's
backdrop got stuck in front as you pointed out. So this email has already
paid off because I couldn't figure out how to make RRs backdrop stay in the
right damn place.

Edward, that's what we're doing now, but the RR backdrop window 'stuck' in
front of our actual game for awhile and it just threw us for a big damn

Richmond, every game on the market has a full screen mode. In OpenGL, I hear
that you can 'request' full screen mode, and it will set the resolution back
when your app is done. I know this is one of the things from DrawSprockets
that Apple brought forward to OSX as well. I don't know what API to use for
that on Windows. But it's absolutely silly that this very basic concept
found in all professional video games and kiosk software isn't even possible
in RR, since it seems perfect for making games and kiosk software. I'm not
trying to permanently change their settings, that's the whole point behind
these APIs that Apple put in place (and have had in place for over 10 years
now). They're for games to let the dev set the screen to a certain res, but
still let the user command+tab out, and then have your icons stay in the
right places.

I bet I could do this with an AppleScript, so that's my next test...

Thanks for the info though. And Richmond I'll be using your script if I cant
make this work with OSX's native capabilities.

Hey do you know if SuperCard externals run in RR? This guy Chilton wrote an
external for us a long time ago that did that and I just tried it in SC 4.5
and it still works in Snow Leopard. If those externals work in RR, I could
use that. OR I could include a SuperCard app in the RR bundle, and run that,
to force the RR game into full screen mode. OOh I'll try that too.


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