Want to Try Franklin 3D - 3D Engine for Revolution?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Sep 18 13:53:28 EDT 2009

Lynn Fredricks wrote:

> Anyone interested in a solid 3D game engine for Revolution? :-) This is
> getting good enough to show, so we thought we'd show it.
> Download: http://www.franklin3d.com/download/franklin3d_win.zip
> Report Issues: http://www.franklin3d.com/bt
> What is Franklin 3D?
> -----------------------
> Franklin 3D ports the stable, muscular Irrlicht engine so that its
> accessible within Runtime Revolution. You will be able to make OpenGL or
> DirectX powered games.
> Where to Learn More
> -----------------------
> The website is just coming together, here: http://franklin3d.com/. It will
> be more polished over the next few days.

Great news, Lynn.  I missed this when it came out, but with Malte's 
repost I went over to the site -- looks quite promising!

Any plans for a Linux version down the road?

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