RevMedia - ready now?

Richard Miller wow at
Tue Sep 15 07:14:55 EDT 2009

A few questions.

1. Presumably, a new version of the plugin is to be released soon... is 
that right? At least one that fixes the basic issue of allowing 
substacks to open in front of the browser.

2. Does installation of the plugin work for most PC and Mac users now, 
or is there a meaningful subset of these folks who would have difficulty 
installing it with the current version? I read something about Vista 
corporate users who might not be able to install it without first making 
a change to their OS settings.

I'd like to be able to introduce the "general population" to a simple 
revweb-based page I've put together introducing a new product. This page 
doesn't include anything other than fields, buttons and images. It's 
just a product information page.... meaning, it doesn't require any 
permissions from the user to view it, other than installation of the 

If I had 500 run-of-the-mill PC and Mac users attempt to access this 
page, is it reasonable to expect the great majority of them will have 
little problem installing the plugin and viewing the page?

Or should I wait longer on this until a new version of the plugin 

Richard Miller

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