Problems with snow leopard

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For a very useful and readable summary of this issue, see:

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On Sep 13, 2009, at 10:56 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> stephen barncard wrote:
>> As a long time mac user from the beginning, I've always thought the  
>> type and
>> creator codes were VERY useful to eliminate the ambiguity of what  
>> to launch
>> and I put down the PC method of using suffixes as being brain dead.
> Apparently the Mac team did too, as we learned loudly when the NeXT  
> team followed Steve back to Apple and tried to get rid of creator  
> codes in their new OS X under the argument that they were unnecessary.
> This internal turf war was mirrored by developers on Apple's UI  
> developer mailing list.
> For all the many years Apple has been hosting discussion lists for  
> developers, to the best of my knowledge the UI list was shut down  
> only once, and that was over this issue.
> The outcry from people like you about the merit of creator codes was  
> sweeping and furious, yet the NeXTites felt secure knowing that  
> since they had been loyal with Steve all this time their opinion  
> would ultimately prevail.
> Among developers on the UI list this issue caused a flame war so  
> great the list was taken offline for quite a while, and it was many  
> months (more than a year IIRC) before it was resurrected.
> Now, all these many years later, Apple is at last losing this once- 
> valuable bit of metadata.
> If there is comfort in this otherwise sad passing, it's for us multi- 
> platform developers:
> With every step Apple takes to eliminate differences between OSes,  
> the less forked code we need to write.  As they decrease their  
> unique value, they increase ours. :)
> If only the world's OS vendors would come to common agreement on the  
> placement of dialog buttons....
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