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Sun Sep 13 20:00:23 EDT 2009

I have trying for the past few days to call CalendarWidget100 when an user
enters a field (field "date") so the user can click on a date and insert it
into the field. Presently I have a button with the following script to call

on mouseUp
   put "" into tYear
   put "" into tMonth
   put "" into tDay
   put "" into tDate
   start using stack "calendarWidget100"
   put  altAnswerDate(tMonth,tDay,tYear,) into newDate
   put line (item 1 of newDate) of the monthnames  &&  item 2 of
newDate&","&& item 3 of newDate into tNewDate2
   get tNewDate2
   #   stop using stack "calendarWidget100"
   if it is empty then exit mouseUp
   put it into fld "date"
end mouseUp

The button script works without any scripting errors.

I have tried the OpenField command in the date field using the code above
but it generates several errors that "private" that are within the
calendarWiget100 that were commented out by Chipp not to bother.

The problem lies with the line which generates errors:

if it is empty then exit mouseUp

I tried the following script:

if it is empty then exit to top 

but that tags Chipp's code.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate!

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