Setting radio buttons

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Fri Sep 11 12:22:06 EDT 2009

You can always just:

on openCard
   set the hilite of button yourButton1 to "false"
   set the hilite of button yourButton2 to "false"
end openCard

Radio behavior is a property of a group of buttons. I bet rev has a way to 
find the objects in a particular group. If not, it ought to, as this seems 
like a very useful thing to have, so that if you add or subtract buttons from 
that group the code does not have to be modified. I'll check, though I bet 
someone already knows...

Craig Newman

In a message dated 9/11/09 11:49:17 AM, cszasz at writes:

> Is there a way to set a group of radio buttons where neither button has 
> been
> selected when an user "opens" a card? For example, a group of two radio
> buttons would not be set until the user makes a selection.

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