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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Sep 10 05:33:09 EDT 2009

Thomas McGrath III wrote:
> Where is there a list of iRev commands available?
> I just tried revSpeak in iRev and got a handler not found error and 
> would like to know what else is not available.

Virtually everything is available, with the added bonus of a few new 
terms listed in the change log. IRev scripts can contain plain lists of 
commands without any handler declarations, or alternately the commands 
can be enclosed in formal ("on" or "command") handler declarations. If 
your commands are not inside a formal handler declaration, then you will 
get the error message you saw. Additionally, the server compiles revTalk 
from top to bottom. Unlike stack scripts where handlers can go anywhere 
in the message hierarchy, you can't place a handler anywhere you like on 
the page -- it must be declared before any other command makes use of 
it. It's easiest to place most handlers above the html code at the top 
of the page, just to make sure they are processed before any other line 
of script needs them. This isn't necessary though, just make sure 
handlers occur before any other line of script that needs to use them.

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