There is a folder returns 'false' for folder selected with 'answer folder'

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Wed Sep 9 09:31:02 EDT 2009

On Sep 8, 2009, at 11:20 PM, Jim Bufalini wrote:

> Yes. Windows doesn't like forward slashes for folders. So, there is  
> a file
> //computerName/folderName/filename works, but there is a folder
> //computerName/folderName fails. I really don't know why this is,  
> but it is.
> So after your answer folder, add the line *replace slash with  
> backslash in
> it* and it will work. :-)

Hi Jim,

I just tried that but it doesn't make a difference. I've never run  
into problems myself with forward slashes and checking for folder  
existence. I believe the engine makes the necessary changes under the  

I did some more investigating and here is what I have found out.

When using the answer folder dialog in Revolution you can select  
objects that aren't actually folders. For example, you can select "My  
Network Places" or "My Network Places" > "Entire Network" and press  
the "OK" button. What you get back is an empty string in 'it' and 'the  
result' is "cancel".

Another selection you can make in the answer folder dialog is "My  
Network Places" > MY_SHARE_NAME (a resource that has an icon of a  
folder with a network cable under it). Selecting the network share  
name returns a value in 'it' but the path does not actually point to a  
folder, but rather the share. 'the result' is empty.

Selecting a folder within the share such as "My Network Places" >  
MY_SHARE_NAME > "My Folder" gives a valid folder path.

So if you are using answer folder and wondering why the value returned  
is not a folder then this likely why. In a few tests I just did with  
'answer file', clicking the "Open" button would not close the dialog  
box if a valid file was not selected. I would think that answer folder  
should behave the same, although it would mean that a Revolution  
developer would not be able to prompt the user for a network share  
name (is that something people need to do?).

Trevor DeVore
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