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Hi Klaus,

The 'traversalOn' property has no effect for buttons on MacOSX. The safest way is to 'select empty' just before doing your auto-saving stuff; for the best user experience, save 'the selectedChunk' and select it again afterwards.


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> Subject: closefield/exitfield
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> Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 2:24 AM
> Hi freinds,
> I have a question thats on my mind for a long time:
> should a "closefield/exitfield" of a field be executed if
> one clicks a button that
> has its "traversalon" property set to true (on the same
> card of course)?
> I think yes, but it doesn't, Rev 3.4, OS X 10.5xxx.
> According to the docs, "traversalon" will "catch" the focus
> which implies that the focus will be
> taken away from other objects, like fields in this case and
> should thus fire a "closefield/exitfield"
> handler!?
> I also found that sometimes a "mouseenter" of an object in
> another NOT active
> stack (sic!), when you move the mouse on the monitor, gets
> fired, but a "closefield/exitfield"
> in the active stack does not. This makes it alsmost
> impossible to implement a reliable
> "autosave" feature...
> Any insights and opinions welcome.
> Best
> Klaus
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