Quicktime and the Snow Leopard

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 04:35:15 EDT 2009

> When you upgraded to 10.6 did you have to elect to re-install QT 7? If so,
> was it obvious where or how to do so?

Yes, you have to choose it, it is not installed by default.
You have to "Customize" the install to do it.

> Did you need to re-register QT 7 to make it QT Pro (assuming you had QT
> Pro)?

The QT 7 player app is now in the Utilities folder, while the
Applications folder contains the new QT Player.
I started up QT 7 and it appears to have all the menu items enabled,
just as when I originally registered the Prop version.


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