How to make sounds as small as possible?

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Jan 29 15:13:37 EST 2009

Recently, William de Smet wrote:

> I use spoken words and sentences in one of my apps.
> There will be a lot of these so I am probably talking about a lot of MB.
> I use Quicktime Pro on my Mac to record and edit them.
> When exporting them I get a lot of choices and I noticed the size and sound
> difference on 16 bit, 8 bit, stereo, mono, aiff, wav
> What is the best way to do this?

There's a lot of info about sounds in the mail archives but the short
answers are:

- if you have a lot of sounds, you will probably be better off storing them
externally of the stack since importing them into the stack will require
they all be loaded into memory at once

- in general, voice is more forgiving of compression than other audio such
as music, so you could probably go with 11k, 8bit, mono (note: whatever
sampling/compression you choose must be a common standard -- 11k/22k/44k,
8bit, 16bit -- or Rev will not play the sounds correctly)

- WAV and AIFF will work cross-platform, if that matters



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