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Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Jan 29 13:09:04 EST 2009

Recently, Richard Gaskin wrote:

>> I'd vastly prefer HC's 8 sound channels.
> Given the limitations of the old Mac sound architecture, and the
> flexibility of player objects, what's the upside to HC's method?

I might be wrong but I don't think HC had 8 sound channels natively.  There
was an external called SNDChannel that allowed multiple channels of
asynchronous sound (I think).  Using the external was not really different
than using 8 players in a Rev stack, but I supposed the benefits of the
external were 1) it didn't rely on QuickTime (using a player object does)
and 2) it used imported sounds (sound resources).  AFAIK, a player's
filename can only be set to external sounds.

It would be much more convenient to have multi-channel sound built into Rev
capable of playing both internal and external sounds, and being able to
control multiple sounds simultaneously.  Almost the like the lock moves
command that operates on multiple objects, lock sounds could work on
multiple sounds.  Goofy syntax, but it would be consistent.


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