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Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Thu Jan 29 00:41:47 EST 2009

--- william humphrey <shoreagent at> wrote:
> Neal
> The trial stack works fine as is and if you want to
> unlock it then you run
> the "unlock" stack that was sent you when you bought
> it. The unlock stack
> has a serial number in it and was sent to you
> originally.
> Now the password for the scripts in the library is
> another thing which is
> only necessary because the library wasn't really
> finished.
> I hope someone has that password for me and now for
> George too.
> Bill

Hi Bill et al,

ListMagic is still copyrighted software, and I don't
think full access to the source of the library was
part of the license agreement. Eric's son may decide
to pick it up himself, may sell it to a different
software publisher, or may release it into the public
But unless he specifically gave you the password, it
would be illegal and immoral for anyone to just give
this password to you without the express written
permission from his heirs.

Jan Schenkel.

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