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Wed Jan 28 14:53:46 EST 2009

Recently, Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> Of course, another way to control an animated GIF would be
> to break it down into its constituent images and paste them
> across the same number of cards and then mess around with
> the speed of the transitions.

Well, in that case, you're not really working with an animated GIF.

The way to manually control an animated GIF is to set its repeatCount to 0
(no animation) and set the currentFrame of the image to whatever you want,
using whatever timing you want.  You can go backwards and forwards, jump to
random frames, and if you really wanted to, lock the screen and use visual
effects to reveal new frames.  No need to use multiple cards.

I believe Klaus Major had a stack on his site that was something like "fun
with animated GIFs" or similar.  At least I know he had a stack with a


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