playing multi-sounds

Thierry th.douez at
Tue Jan 27 12:49:07 EST 2009

Hi  Scott,

> Recently, Thierry wrote:
>> I would like to go further, and can't see anywhere how
>> (  if possible )
>> to manage many sounds together. Let's say one music in a background,
>> and some
>> "tchoin" or "boing" when someone pass over a button, image.... or
>> click....
>> Should work on Mac and PCs
>> a plus if it could work on Linux too.
> The only ways I know to play multiple sounds in Rev are:
> 1) use a combination of audioClips (imported sounds) and a player  
> -- an
> audioClip can play simultaneously while a player is playing
> 2) employ multiple players -- you can have many players on a card  
> which can
> play sounds simultaneously.  But as you've found, there can be a  
> delay when
> loading an external sound from disk.

Great, I'll try these ones.

>> I found that there is a small ellapsed time when you start a sound by
>> setting the filename
>> of the player.... Any ways to increase the speed ? ( more  
>> responsive )
> I've found that usually the fastest playback comes from imported  
> sounds
> (audioClips), at the price of only playing one sound at a time.  If  
> you use
> multiple players, you can preassign sounds to each player.

preassign ?
you mean setting the filename to the sound file during development  
time ?

> If your goal is
> to do something like sound effects that play over background music,  
> a decent
> arrangement is to use audioClips for the sound effects (fast  
> access) and a
> player for the background music file.
> Not sure if this helps.

for sure, it helps :-)

thanks a lot


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