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Sun Jan 25 12:39:29 EST 2009

William Ziegler wrote:
> I'm a Mac guy testing out my Runrev stacks on Bootcamp. I get an error 
> ever time I quit the stack using the PC Player 3.0.
> The error is "The Instruction at "0x017f1463" referenced memory at 
> "0x025b1f50". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate 
> the program."
> So is this a Bootcamp problem, a ram memory module problem or a 
> Revolution Player problem?
> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

There is a preference in the General pane of the Revolution Preference 
dialog called 'Crash reporting on Windows XP' (but it works on Vista as 
well.) This determines the type of crash log written out when the engine 
encounters a serious error if it is running on Windows. The setting of 
'None' causes no log to be generated, the setting of 'Small' causes an 
outline crash log to be generated and the setting of 'Medium' causes a 
more verbose and larger crash log to be generated. They are named with 
the version and time and date of launch of the IDE which eventually 
crashed. The setting of this preference only take effect the next time 
you startup the IDE.

Submitting crash logs generated through this mechanism will be more 
helpful to the team than the generic error address reported by the OS.

The crash log is located at:

  Documents and Settings/<username>/Application Data/Runtime Revolution/Logs

Or on Vista:

   C:\Users\<username>\appdata\Roaming\Runtime Revolution\Revolution
Studio\Crash Logs

You're seeing a crash, so the report should be submitted to the QCC at 
<>. Attach the crash log you have generated to 
the bug report. All crashes are engine-based and should be reported.

Reading through the crash log may also give you some ideas where the 
problem is originating, which might help you figure out a temporary 

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