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Yes Randall, but someone still had to invent the steam engine. I was  
just pointing out that if you are planning on actually doing this,  
you'll have to get your hands dirty in C (or something at that level).  
Have you done the research to know if these "system level events" even  
exist as you envision them?

Your enthusiasm is appreciated, don't get me wrong -- but, well, is  
this something you want to do, or were just hoping someone else would?

> Thank god people had horse drawn carriages before the train.  Else  
> people would have recomended away from steering wheels in  
> automobiles... "do we really want people to have that much control  
> over the direction of their vehicle?"  "...they could steer it into  
> danger!".  All of which is true.  But is it a logical and measured  
> arguement against the benefits of personally directed  
> transportation.  Spam sucks too... but does it argue against having  
> access to the profound benefits of email?  There is a trash can on  
> my desktop... nothing about it provents me or anyone else from  
> dragging all of my folders into it... But i dont have nightmares  
> about loosing my mind and doing so any more than i have nightmares  
> about steerong my car off a cliff for no reason.  Hell, people in a  
> democracy could vote for ron paul if they wanted to... should we  
> adopt a dictatorship to provent such an eventuality?  There are a  
> million ways to prevent the missuse of access to system level  
> events... the stupidest would be to avoid it completely.  Just my  
> opinion.  For what it is worth.  Randall
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> Randall,
> Unfortunately it seems you are looking for a high-level API to take
> care of a very low level job. There simply isn't an API for
> everything. You are probably going to have to get your hands dirty in
> C if this is your goal. If you know the OS APIs you want to tap into,
> you could work on building externals in C. If you don't, time to do
> some research =). You will definitely need to build separate externals
> for each operating system as well.
> Maybe not what you were hoping for, but I hope that helps.
>> QuickKeys is cool... but it doesn't offer finder events as triggers
>> for the execution of macros.  There is no way, for instance, to tell
>> it:
>> When a user saves any file, from any application, and the name
>> contains "Entropy", then save an alias at "Hard Drive: My Entropy
>> Docs:"

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