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I would really like to know how compileit wored.  My guess was that it did some form of xtalk to c sourse translation and then compiled it.  But maybe i am wrong... Maybe ti went out to some public smalltalk compiler.  Anyone know?  The kinds of system events - to messages thingsm i have been asking for would never come from anything like compile-it... But several times back in the day, i used it to speed up a repeditive process loop.  Orders of magnitude speed enhancement!  (and, yes, everyone take our vitamins!)  randall

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Hi everyone,

I just got back from an out of town trip and, belatedly, learned of  
Eric's demise. Wow! And he was 14 years younger than I am. Such a  
pity. Everyone looses so very much when one is taken in their prime;  
and Eric, based on his command of just about everything he did, WAS in  
his prime. I wish I had been fortunate enough to have met him. I'm  
sure he'll be helping others from a better place than this.

A brief comment relating to this thread: I just wish we had an  
application like Compile-It™ for Rev. Too much to ask? Then  we could  
create cross-platform externals as we did so easily, but just for HC.  
It would seem that, using the Compile-It™ source as a foundation would  
not make this an insurmountable task. But I guess I'm being a bit  
naive with this conjecture.

Let's hope that none of our other elder Revers join Eric too very  
soon. Stay healthy my friends. Take your vits and exercise. Do push- 
aways wih frequency.

Joe Wilkins

On Jan 19, 2009, at 1:17 PM, Brian Yennie wrote:

> Randall,
> Unfortunately it seems you are looking for a high-level API to take  
> care of a very low level job. There simply isn't an API for  
> everything. You are probably going to have to get your hands dirty  
> in C if this is your goal. If you know the OS APIs you want to tap  
> into, you could work on building externals in C. If you don't, time  
> to do some research =). You will definitely need to build separate  
> externals for each operating system as well.
> Maybe not what you were hoping for, but I hope that helps.
>> QuickKeys is cool... but it doesn't offer finder events as triggers  
>> for the execution of macros.  There is no way, for instance, to  
>> tell it:
>> When a user saves any file, from any application, and the name  
>> contains "Entropy", then save an alias at "Hard Drive: My Entropy  
>> Docs:"
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