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Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Jan 18 17:53:29 EST 2009

Recently, Ken Ray wrote:

>> It must be the ability to render offscreen in the buffer that is the
>> difference here. This must be the case with the import snapshot as well.
> Right... I've been playing around with this myself. Basically (if I
> understand this properly), you have the following options:
> ...
> [lots of examples ]
> ...
> Are there any others I may have missed here? I was thinking of putting up an
> image with all these different options displayed to make it easier to pick
> what to do in a given situation...

Ken, it might be worth noting (just for the sake of completeness) that, with
your examples 4 & 5 (Darkshot, Groupshot), "import snapshot from <obj>..."
will also produce an image capture of the targeted object that includes its
transparency, but A) maintains blendLevel settings of objects if the
targeted object is a group, and B) ignores any blendLevel settings if the
targeted object is not a group (even if the object is part of a group that
has a non-zero blendLevel applied).

Is your head spinning yet?  :-)


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