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Thu Feb 26 18:14:16 EST 2009

Yikes, Mark!

Well, the text in my test stack is now stable, which really was the main 
thing. After msg opens, I still cannot send "opencard" messages down the path, 
even explicitly from a handler, though "resumeStack" is still doing fine. I 
wonder if any other messages are clogged.

Thank you. I never thought along the lines that msg is a stack or even had a 
script. This is a cool thing about Rev; everything is a stack. My utility 
gives me all the info about the tool palette, revMenuBar, etc.

My msg box has somehow clogged my heirarchy. Commenting out that line 
deflected, but did not solve this issue.


In a message dated 2/26/09 5:36:51 PM, m.schonewille at 

> Hi Craig,
> "/REVEXCLUDED02" is put into fld 1 of the message box by a script of 
> the message box while the message box is open and that field is 
> invisible. Yo could try commenting out the part of the code that puts 
> it there. Just enter
> edit script of stack "Message box"
> in the message box and comment out the line containing "/
> REVEXCLUDED02". I don't know what side effects it will have.

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