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Thu Feb 26 17:36:14 EST 2009

Hi Craig,

"/REVEXCLUDED02" is put into fld 1 of the message box by a script of  
the message box while the message box is open and that field is  
invisible. Yo could try commenting out the part of the code that puts  
it there. Just enter

edit script of stack "Message box"

in the message box and comment out the line containing "/ 
REVEXCLUDED02". I don't know what side effects it will have.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 26 feb 2009, at 23:24, DunbarX at wrote:

> Hey, Mark.
> My utility stack is called "Wizard". Whether working fine without  
> ever having
> opened the msg box, or useless after I do, the stacksInUse returns  
> only the
> "Wizard" stack. My test stack, the only other one open, is not  
> included of
> course.
> It works fine, you see, without msg open. And if ever I do open the  
> msg box,
> I cannot get back. Closing msg has no effect, and I have to quit Rev  
> and
> relaunch. Interestingly, I also trap "resumeStack", and these  
> messages are sent
> even with msg open. It is only opencard that is curtailed.
> Somebody must know what "/REVEXCLUDED02" means
> I have no issues at all if I never open msg, so I cannot believe it is
> anything I have authored that is causing this. Anyone ever have to  
> reload Rev
> itself?
> Craig Newman

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