McAfee virus detection deletes valid file

Luis luis at
Mon Feb 16 12:14:24 EST 2009


You could include a manual 'how to' for this...

I think if you set the script to run at startup (via a Registry key  
setting?) you might prevent it from being deleted: Not too sure about  
this, but it's something I've heard about.
Will McAfee check the application's Trusted Sources? If so, maybe  
getting this set will then tell McAfee to keeps its hand off.

Other than that, maybe checking to see if there are any command line  
switches that could do it (after the usual 'please disable any anti- 
virus software prior to running the installation') - Hey! Why not  
just get them to disable it for the duration of the installation!



On 16 Feb 2009, at 16:29, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Luis wrote:
>> Hiya,
>> Is this the Enterprise version of McAfee? I'm not sure if the same  
>> applies to the consumer versions:
>> In the On-Access Scan Properties you can set an exception in the  
>> ScriptScan tab.
>> Failing that, you can tell it to exclude scanning a specific  
>> folder (where the actions and the script reside).
> Thanks so much, I'll pass this on, but I'm skeptical about its  
> effectiveness. The target user base is very naive for the most part  
> and we can't trust them to tinker with their virus settings. It's a  
> general consumer app that will be sold to home users as well as  
> schools, etc. I think they will see the virus warning, click OK,  
> and break the software. Then the app will get blamed for being buggy.
> I wish we could contact McAfee find out how to circumvent this but  
> of course they'd just laugh if they responded at all.
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