AW: Problems deleting folders on Vista - error #?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Mon Feb 16 02:49:05 EST 2009

Hi Jim,
thank you for your detailed explanation, I'll give it a try, sound good!

> Yes. Create a small command that just deletes a file or folder passed to
> it.
> Then, in your repeat loop use a *send "<your command name>" && "<your file
> and/or folder path>" to me in 5 milliseconds* Make sure to use the in-time
> form. What this will do will cause the sends to not be executed until both
> the repeat loop and handler that has the repeat exits. This allows both
> the
> rev engine and OS to do their work in between each delete (or create). You
> may even be able to use 0 milliseconds for this. But don't use waits in
> the
> repeat. All that will do is slow up the repeat loop and not solve the
> issue.
> Jim Bufalini
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