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Richmond Mathewson geradamas at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 13 11:09:37 EST 2009

Wilhelm Sanke wrote:

"the specific "volatile" nature of PNG-images just having been created in 

Maybe . . .

However it may have something to do with the way I made my odd-shapes

I initially exported primitives from Open Office Org. Draw as PNG
images [these do not contain transparent areas], then opened them in GIMP,
sprayed the white [i.e. would-be transparent areas] with PINK, and then
selected the pink, layered that onto a metallic template, deleted the 
pink, leaving a metallic shape - then saved as a PNG.

I wonder if exporting my initial primitives from Open Office Org. Draw as 
GIF images [which do contain transparent areas] and playing around
with them will allow me to end up with PNG images that behave themselves
with Runtime Revolution.  

I have yet to try exporting button shapes as GIF images. I suppose
this would circumvent any "volatility" related to RR and PNG images.

However; it is Friday night - off to a concert of music by Buxtehude
(my favourite composer) with my wife - and tomorrow I have to sort out
the kitchen units I messed-up installing the dishwasher. So, will
try the above on Sunday.


I do feel that the documentation on imageData and alphaData is woefully
lacking. The "happy, little experiments" I seem to be conducting at the
moment, leave me no clearer on the subject: idiot savant!


sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

A Thorn in the flesh is better than a failed Systems Development Life Cycle.


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