mySQL on ISP cannot be used for free by customers of ISP

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Hi Thorsten,

This is very interesting and I should say new info for me.

I believe many times on RB and Revolution list (especially) people express
point that they can use mySQL of their ISPs for free.

Info which you provide below changes things a lots.
I will CC this to REV list for info.

>>> But mySQL is not totally free, even when used at an ISP! Many, many
>>> customer of ISPs go in a big trap, because they used the offered mySQL
>>> licence from the ISP for their commercial use what is in sense of  mySQL
>>> legals not allowed.
>> Why you think so?

> Because I read and discussed the given mySQL licence terms when
> dealing with that issues (and I break them like anybody else :-))
> The fact that mySQL is free for ISPs and they put them on their
> servers does NOT mean everybody being a customer for such a package
> can use it for free!
> Of course e.g. when you're going to use let us say Joomla, then Joomla
> is Open Source, too and AFAIK then your content will not be some kind
> of "Open Content".
> But when you develop a software using this hosted mySQL, then you must
> decide PAY or Open Source it, and it doesn't matter if this is hosted
> at your ISP or not.

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